Our Product range is wide and varied so if there is something that you see that looks close but isn’t quite right let us know via email and provide a picture or a document of the product you are looking for. Please Remember Email us a bona fide written quote from any other materials handling supplier and we will match the quote and better it by $20 AUD  We offer the best in quality, service and price, why would you chose another supplier.  
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Containers and Bins

Bins - Self Storage

Capacities from 0.2 M cubed to 2.0 M cubed. Painted or galvanized finish. With fork sleeves and/or crane hoist lugs. Available with bottom opening or clamshell emptying. Can be stackable, straight sided or with front protruding lip. Wheels and lids available.

Bins - Self Dumping

Self dumping. Capacities from 0.7 M cubed to 2.0 M cubed. Painted or galvanized finish. Fork lift driver places lip of bin over dumper bin lip, then reverses and lifts at the same time. When the forks pass the pivot point, the self-dumping bin is upended. Other bins: Every shape and size for every purpose available -- just ask.

Bins - Plastic Bulk

Capacities from 200 litres to 1200 litres. Vented or solid food grade. Repairable. Castors available. Stackable to 10 high, dependant upon load. Many different colours available. Own brand or logo available.

Bins / Tanks - Roto Moulded

Any size and shape -- just ask. Available with wheels and lids. Food grade virgin polymer or reclaimed material. Tanks can be in still-age cages for bulk liquid transport and storage. Different inlets, outlets, to your specification.

Cages / Stillages

Any type and size -- fabricated to suit your needs, from mild steel with painted/powder coated or galvanized finished, to aluminium or stainless steel.

Plastic Drum 100Ltr with large Screw Top Lid

This unique plastic drum is 390mm in diameter x 1170mm high. The large 225mm diameter opening is secured by a screw top plastic lid with a special liquid sealing pressure O-ring. There are two handles moulded into the drum and one handle in the lid. A 19mm drain plug is fitted to the lower section of the drum. When not transporting liquid, the wide opening enables the drum to be used for air/water tight storage of grain, seed, etc. Also great for securing stores and camping equipment on boating, kayaking, camping trips.

Plastic Mega Bin

These 1/2 tonne capacity bins are very popular for storing a vast range of goods, including fruit and vegetables, manufactured parts, clothing, etc. Available in solid or perforated sides. Also available with base bars for use with forklift rotators to tip the contents into vats or other receptacles.

Roto Moulded Plastic Bin

500 litre (1/2 tonne) capacity. Twin skinned with air gap to keep contents cool. Can also be filled with foam for complete insulation. Only available in solid form with or without a lid. Has inbuilt base suitable for pallet rotators or hand pallet truck and fork tines.