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Gravity Conveyors

Rollers available in many widths, diameters, gauges and capacities. Most common is steel-zinc plated, but available also in stainless and plastic. Fixed or adjustable height stands available. Single line and double line wheel tracks are commonly used to transport palletized goods -- capacity and pitch will depend on load and pallet board orientation. Skate wheels (see picture left) are an option to rollers, and when they are close coupled (40 mm pitch), make an ideal transfer conveyor for sacks. Picture shows skate wheels at 80 mm pitch.

Flexible - Gravity Conveyors

Extends from neat, stowed position to any length (usually 5-7m). Available in plastic or steel rollers or skate wheels. Can be turned around corners or obstacles -- even into a complete circle (2-3 sections). All legs extended, so one end can be high to create a natural fall. All legs are lockable for safety.

Flexible - Driven Conveyors

A motor, sitting under the frame, drives the rollers using special flexible bands. Very quiet operation. Maximum capacity is 45kg over two rollers.

Belt Conveyors

Available as horizontal, inclined, goose neck. Choice of belt types, e.g.: rough top, food grade, high slip, plastic link, cleated, etc. Construction in mild steel/aluminium/stainless, etc. Power source and belt speeds infinitely variable.

Ball Transfer Decks

Made to order. Allows multi-directional transfer of products with flat base.

Shifta-Lifta Mobile Belt Conveyor, Foldaway Capable

The Shifta-Lifta can be used as a mobile horizontal conveyor or, at the push of a button, it converts into a fast-loading elevator for loading or unloading mezzanine floors, pallet racking or containers. The mobile conveyor conveniently folds up and rolls away for easy storage and keeps the work area safe and clear. Features of the conveyor include forward and reverse movement, upper and lower emergency stops, fail-safe hydraulic lift, integrated roller motor, an extended length of 5025 mm, an extended height of 4100 mm and a width capacity of 450 mm. The conveyor is claimed to be faster and safer than a forklift and requires no licence to operate. When folded for storage and transportation, the conveyor measures 950 mm H x 2850 mm L x 650 mm W. 240 V operation with controls at top and bottom of conveyor. Belt is 375 mm wide-cleated. Weight capacity 40 kg on full belt. Urethane tyre wheels with brakes on rear castors.