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Drum Handling Range

Drum Dolly

Four 80mm diameter. Castors and a low centre of gravity frame, make moving of 200 litre drums easier and safer. Fully welded and zinc plated. Ideal for food / pharmaceutical companies.

Drum Stand

Extended handles provide extra leverage to place drum from vertical to horizontal on to stand. Front castors swivel, rear wheels are fixed. Zinc plated finish. OPTION: Internal wheels to enable drum to rotate -- helps place bung in correct position and prevents leaks.

Drum Mover

Push the Drum Mover into the drum. Pull down the handle and raise the drum just off the floor. STANDARD MODEL with 125mm diameter. front wheels. LARGE FRONT WHEEL MODEL with 250mm diameter. wheels. Best suited where floors are rough.

Drum Lifter Mover, Automatic Rim Latch

Raises a 200 litre drum from floor or pallet level by foot pump hydraulic action. Automatically latches onto the drum rim and clamps. Lift height is 500mm. Capacity is 400 kg. Legs are adjustable in length from 500 mm to 600 mm out from the mast face. When splayed, the widths are from 960 mm to 1090 mm.

Drum Lifter Mover, Manual Rim Latch

Hand pump hydraulic lift with manual rim latch clamping. Pull handle is also the pump handle. 250kg capacity for steel drums only. Three models available. Unit shown is standard model. Options include Straddle version, for removing a drum from the corner of a pallet, and Wheelie Bin Carrier version, which raises a standard 240 ltr bin and transports it easily using the pull along handle. Picture at bottom shows specially modified base to fit around a specific machinery requirement, but can be of and reasonable dimension.

Multi Drum Lifter

Counterweighted base. Drum is picked up from the corner of the pallet and raised to a maximum height of 1200mm. Hand winch lift system. Suited to removing drums from a small tray truck or to place a drum onto a rack. Suitable for steel and most plastic 200 Ltr drums.

Drum Lifter Rotator - Pneumatic

Available in two lift heights - 1800mm and 2800mm - with 400kg capacity. Perfect for explosive or hazardous work locations. Both lift and rotate operated by shop air. Manually manoeuvred. Also available with straddle base. Built to order only.


MODEL A: (Economy Unit) Foot pump hydraulic lift, with girdle clamp and gearbox rotation. Four models. Air lift option available


MODEL B: Drum Lifter. Features two side drum clamps to grip drum via over centre lock. Foot pump hydraulic lift. Gearbox rotation. Easy to place and remove drums from pallets.


MODEL C: Rim grip clamp. The one lifter/pourer which deals successfully with the problem of raising and pouring 200 ltr plastic drums, using a combination of rim grip to remove a drum from pallet corner or floor level, then with a ratchet and strap around the drum's girth, enabling it to be poured into another receptacle. *ALSO air and battery powered models and weigh scale option.

Drum Caddy - Low Profile

Suited to 200ltr drums. The removable handle allows the operator to tilt the drum whilst the caddy base is pushed under the drum for ease of loading. The handle also incorporates a drum bung wrench.

Multi Purpose Drum Trolley

The Multi Purpose Drum Trolley is very easy to load due to its swing axle, which moves the load centre back as you tilt the drum until it comes to rest on four wheels. By pushing down on the handles, the MPDT turns into a drum stand to decant the drum's contents. Internal wheels allow the drum to rotate in the stand to prevent leaks or to place the bung in the correct position.

Fork Attached Drum Clamps

SINGLE DRUM CLAMP STYLE:  With auto action, uses the rising arm principle to clamp between the drum expansion rolls. Double clamp available also. AUTO RIM LATCH STYLE: Grabs the rim and auto latches. Double also available. Fork attachments can pick up either a single drum with a single or double clamp, or two drums with a single clamp on each drum or two clamps to each drum. Lower belt adjusts to accommodate drum diameter, in order to keep the drum vertical. TILT TO LATCH STYLE:  (Forklift must be tilt type). Fully galvanised. Suited to one or two drums, dependant upon model chosen.

Drum Tap (Faucet)

Made of polyethylene. For non-flammable corrosive liquids. 2 inch male thread. Fully open with half-turn.

Drum Tap (Treacle Gate)

Drum taps allow viscous liquids to be regulated. Three metals available: brass, aluminium and cast steel.

Drum Rack

2 wide and 3 wide. Racks sit on top of each other to 3 high. Simple space saving system. Every configuration of drum rack available, from single, double, vertical, horizontal, etc.

Drum Covers

These plastic covers fit over the drum top to prevent contents becoming contaminated, or on an unopened drum to prevent the top becoming waterlogged, rusty or dirty. Picture shows closed head drum type on left and open drum head type on the right. They both are flexible and grip under the drum rim to prevent them from being blown away. Heavily UV stabilised to prevent cracking and discolouration from the sun's rays.

Drum Clamp - Crane Hoist Style

Three types: HORIZONTAL, VERTICAL (with lid) and VERTICAL (without lid).

Plastic Drum Rim Grab

Innovative grab raises a plastic drum from under the rim. Pressure is applied when grab is hoisted. Two models available. Model 92 is for diameters from 457mm to 660mm. Model 92-30 is for diameters from 380mm to 580mm. Also available in spark resistant and stainless steel.

Plastic Webbing Sling

Has spreader bar with crane lift eye. Drum clamping is by ratchet and strap around girth. Tilting is manual around the sling centre point.

Drum De header (Manual)

The DD/M is a low cost way of removing drum tops, using leverage and an internal blade to cleanly and without burns make the drum useful for spare parts, rubbish, etc, or simply to remove both ends for easier disposal of the drum.

Drum De header (Wizard)

Many models are available, from manual, low volume, high volume, and self propelled in air and electric. Heavier units can be suspended in a special frame, making the job effortless. Drum Bung Wrench Multi use, non-sparking bronze wrench. Removes and tightens all known drum bungs with ease.

Drum Hoisting Yoke / Rotator

 A hinged girth clamp secures the drum to the cradle. This enables a hoist or crane to raise a drum, and allow the operator to rotate it for decanting purposes, using the chain wheel actuated gearbox on the side. Also available with 3 phase pendant control rotation device.

Drum Hoisting Yoke / Non Rotating

400 Kg capacity. Drum is wheeled up on a trolley and placed into the yoke. The base supporting plate prevents vertical movement, whilst the adjustable chain and locking ratchet secures the drum girth. Drums can be in any condition. Suited to hoisting drums by crane to upper levels on building sites or mezzanine floors. Yoke handle folds in half for smaller cube when shipping. Drum Turner Fork attached. Allows the fork operator to either lower a drum from vertical to horizontal or vice versa. Ideal for placing drums into storage racks with minimal space between drums.  

Fork Attached Drum Tipper

The fork attachment is used with 210 litre open top and tight head steel drums with rolling hoops. Twin harness models also accept plastic drums. Supplied with a choice of crank handle or loop chain control. Fork sleeves take a maximum fork section of 140x50mm with 656mm width between forks.   Variations include the pictures shown on the left and right. Contact us for more information.

Drum Bundling Pallet

Spill-Guard holds 4 x 200 Ltr drums vertically. Spills are contained within the deep base. There are two drain bungs fitted. The recycled plastic manufacture is extremely tough and non-corrosive. There are sleeves inbuilt in the base to allow the Spill-Guard to be relocated easily or stored away when not required.

Safe Pour SP Multi Lifter Drum Lift Clamps

This drum lift system is suitable for both open and closed drums due to the unique rim clamp which can be reversed to suit all steel drums. Comes complete with two lengths of high tensile chain and eye hook.

Safe Pour SP 200 Decanting Cradle

The cradle enables the operator to tilt a 200 Ltr drum to any angle in order to decant the contents.

Safe Pour SP 20-25 Decanting Cradle

Suitable for 20 or 25 Ltr square or round plastic or steel drums. Folds flat for shipping or storage.

Drum Dumper

The Dumpmaster Drum Dumper will take any sized drum with modifications to the lift carriage to heights up to 1800mm in standard form, and other heights by arrangement. The Dumpmaster is mobile, with lockable wheels, so it is moved extremely easily. In its standard form it is battery operated, with no trailing wires to consider. Other options include 240 V, 3 phase or air lift. The frame is fully galvanised, ideal for use in wet areas. The full surround cage, with front opening door, has an electrical latch to prevent operation when door is open. Inbuilt 'smart charger' prevents battery overcharging. 5 tonnes of product can be raised and dumped on one full battery charge. Other type of bins, stillages and wheelie bins can be raised and dumped using one of the many other model types available. Drum Sling Chain, Variable Choke Height Lift and move your heaviest 200 ltr drum with this below-hook lifter. Upend or down end a drum using off-vertical mode. One hook end is free to travel along the chain, which will automatically tighten against the lower and the upper drum rims when hoisted with a crane hook. Capacity: 850 Kg Drum Clamp for Plastic Drums Plastic drums are raised by the two movable radiated arms, which can be adjusted for width to suit most drums with top rims. Drum Lifter-Rotator. Manual Heavy-duty design for strength and reliability. Hardy hand pump to lift load. Handle lever easily lowers load. Durable powder-coat finish for easy maintenance. Loading Capacity: 350 Kg Lifting Height: 1500 mm Drum Lifter-Rotator. Manual, Modified Similar to above unit, but modified to straddle either a pallet or in this case an IBC. Used to decant 200 ltr drums into the 1000 ltr container. Drum Lifter-Rotator. Powered Lift Suitable for steel 200 Ltr drums. Maximum capacity 500 Kg. Lift height 1500 mm to base of drum, 1980 mm to centre of drum. Drum rotation is by worm drive gearbox through a shaft to a hand wheel at operator's end Drum Rotator - Tilt to Load Rotator is loaded at floor level, with the drum in the vertical position. One lever lifts and tilts the drum, another lever applies power to the drum rotator. Suitable for steel, plastic and fibre drums, from 736mm to 940mm high, and from 457mm to 595mm in diameter. Drum Rotator - End Over End Drum is loaded in the horizontal position by hoist or forklift with drum lifting hook. Single or double models available. Special models for plastic and fibre drums available also. Drum Adaptor Plastic drums come in many shapes and sizes, from many different manufacturers. The large bung is often not compatible with our 50 mm drum taps / treacle gates. King has a range of adaptors to solve this problem. Send photo or description of your drum bung so that we can identify the correct adaptor. Drum Clamp - Spider The spider is suited to 200 ltr steel drums with top or lids only. It is a design and safety award winner due to the ease of applying it to a drum top. Simply press the top of the spider down, and the three legs will automatically tighten under the drum rim. The pvc loop keeps the fingers taught under the drum rim. A hoisting eye bolt allows the spider to raise the drum using a crane or a fork Tyne hook adaptor for the forklift. Drum Lifter Rotator. Powered Drive. Lift and Rotate This stacker is an extension of the manual and powered lift versions shown above. It has full powered drive, lift and drum rotation facilities. It is also available with wider set legs, in order to place or retrieve a drum from the corner of a pallet. It has sufficient height to raise and decant the contents of a drum into another drum or receptacle. Drum Roller Used to reconstitute a drum's contents or to mix dry or wet products together in order to fully combine. Power source can be air, electric or hydraulic. Choice of speeds. The picture shown is in prototype stage. This is a special rotated by air for an intrinsically safe environment..