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Fork Attachments & Safety Cage

Bulk Bag Lifters

A range of bulk bag handlers suited to both forklift and crane hoist. Maximum capacity 2000 kg.

Bulk Bag Lifters

Fork sleeves fasten to the forklift carriage for safety. Four hooks raise the flexible bulk bag by its straps. 2000 Kg SWL. Forklift Safety Cage Full length sleeves, for peace of mind. Two devices attach cage to forklift.  Castors for ease of storage when not in use. Internal hand rails prevent finger crush.  *See Tips and Regulations about current regulations regarding safety when working at heights. *Design approval in New South Wales and Victoria.

Stainless Steel Forklift Safety Cage

Based on the current successful design , This 340 Stainless Steel Safety Cage is made for the Food / Pharmaceutical / Chemical industries, or simply for outdoor use.  The floor is of stainless chequer plate with down turned edges with allowance for water to run off easily during the wash down process.

Fork Sleeve Extensions

Designed to be used when long objects or large pallets must be lifted and moved with a fork truck. Welded steel construction. Will fit onto forks up to 50 mm thick. Steel retaining strap prevents fork extensions from sliding off forks during use. Fork extension length: 1524 mm or 1830 mm.

Fork Spreaders

Great for carrying long lengths of timber, plasterboard, tubes, rails, etc.

Fork Slippers

A variety of lengths available. Galvanized finish. Full sleeve for maximum safety. Tapered end. Locking pins included. We will need to know length required: 1500/1800/2100/2400mm, as well as class rating of fork: class 1 (to 1500kg)/class 2 (to 2500kg)/class 3 (to 4000kg). Remember that the load centre may move forward as a result of using slippers -- check with your forklift supplier if you have any doubts.

Roll Prong

For carpets, cable and coils. Capacities 500kg to 1600kg. Various lengths available.


Fixed or extendable. Increases the versatility of your forklift. Galvanized finish. Many variables available.

Drum Turner

200 litre drums can be re-positioned from upright to horizontal and vice versa with this attachment. Remember that the load centre is at the end of the fork tines, so a forklift with sufficient capacity is required. Great for loading drums onto storage racks.

Drum Lifter - Rim Grab style

Various types available. Some depend on the forklift having tilt, others do not. Single or double drum grabs available.

Drum Lifter - Girth Grab style

Movable arm locates around drum girth automatically. The drum is raised when the arms reach the top expansion roll. Removal is by tilting forward and reversing the forklift. Single and double grabs available.

Drum Tipper

Clamps the drum around the girth. Tipping is by hand, wheel or chain. Lift height only governed by your forklift. Galvanized finish. Also available with hydraulic or battery girth clamping arms, controlled by the forklift operator.

Wheelie Bin Tipper

Single and double 240 Ltr bin tipping attachment. Bin secured at top and girth. Two types available - auto tipping and pull lever tipping (pull chord operates from forklift cabin).

Tarp Spreader

This attachment allows a forklift driver to raise then unroll a heavy truck tarp. The removable prong allows left or right hand operation

Reel Handler / Reel Turner

This fork attachment is available for both forklifts and walkie stackers. Lift and lower is achieved with the forklift. The Handler mandrel is inserted into the reel core. The mandrel is then expanded manually and locked to capture the reel. The powered rotator takes the roll from horizontal to vertical or vice-versa. The Handler is built to order dependent upon reel size, weight and core dimensions. The version on the left has an automated reel rotation feature.