Our Product range is wide and varied so if there is something that you see that looks close but isn’t quite right let us know via email and provide a picture or a document of the product you are looking for. Please Remember Email us a bona fide written quote from any other materials handling supplier and we will match the quote and better it by $20 AUD  We offer the best in quality, service and price, why would you chose another supplier.  
Smart materials handling products to assist your employees with their everyday operations minimising risk and injuries increasing performance.
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Hand Truck - Small Appliance

Robust, with superior finish. 1270mm high. 200kg capacity. Choice of Stairclimber, 250mm diameter solid or pneumatic wheels. A Ratchet and Strap are optional.

Hand Truck - Large Fridge

Features as above, but 1524mm high.

Hand Truck - Medium Duty

Curved back. 160 kg capacity. Curved back suited to sacks, barrels, kegs, rolls, etc. Choice of 200mm solid or 300mm solid or 300mm pneumatic wheels. Open toe. Twin handle. Height 1155mm.

Hand Truck - Multi Purpose

Flat back. 150 Kg capacity. Suited to cartons, boxes, etc. Choices of wheels as above. Height 1210mm. Pram handle.

Hand Truck - Light Multi

Flat back. 150 Kg capacity. Twin handle.

Hand Truck. Aluminium. Convertible to Flatbed Truck

250 kg capacity. 305mm wide. Two models: 1310mm high and 1565mm high. Large pneumatic wheels fitted.

Hand Truck. Aluminium.

250 kg capacity. 310mm wide x 1540mm high. Perfect for delivery drivers. Lightweight but tall enough for most loads. Two tiered handle makes stair climbing easier. Large pneumatic wheels fitted.

Ruxxac Cart

Unique folding mechanism. Bright finish, with large puncture proof wheels. Ruxxac Business. 125 Kg capacity. Foot plate 490mm x 250mm. Wt. 5.4 Kg.       Ruxxac Business XL. 125 Kg capacity. Foot plate 490mm x 410mm. Wt. 5.9 Kg.       Ruxxac J. 250 Kg capacity. Foot plate 570mm x 345mm. Wt. 12.8 Kg.       Ruxxac P. 125 Kg capacity. Foot plate 480mm x 400mm. Wt. 5.3 Kg.

Lightweight Aluminium Folding Flatbed Trolley

EXPANDABLE DECK FLATBED: Model WBLEX 1A. 100kg capacity. Expanded size: 830mm long x 440mm wide x 870mm high, to handle. Folded size: 570mm long x 440mm wide x 235mm high. Castors 100mm. Unit weight 9.5kg.

Lightweight Steel Folding Hand Truck

Model WBLEX 3A. 80 kg capacity. Expanded size 520 mm deep x 495 mm wide x 1100 mm high. Folded size 65 mm deep x 495 mm wide x 800 mm high. Toe plate size is 495 mm wide x 340 mm deep. Wheels are rubber tyred, 170 mm diameter for easy rolling. Simple push button handle unlocking system. Weight 5kg.

Flatbed Trolleys

All models with all-around bump strip and vinyl non-slip deck mat. 150kg Capacity model: Deck 740 x 480mm. Chromed handle 980mm high or folding. 100 diameter castors. 11 kg. 250kg Capacity model: Deck 890 x 600mm. Chromed handle 980mm high or folding. 125mm diameter castors. 19kg. MAXI 400kg Capacity model: Deck 1200 x 750mm. Chromed handle 900mm high or folding. 200mm diameter castors. 40kg MAXI 500kg ALUMINIUM: Two models: Platform size 1220 x 610mm or 1525 x 760mm. Maxi handles can be relocated to either end or removed altogether to accommodate long loads. Four full-height mesh sides with one long side half opening.

Two and Three Tier Trolleys

Choice of two deck sizes: 1. 740mm x 480mm with 100mm diameter wheels. 2. 920mm x 610mm with 130mm dia. wheels. Chromed handle each end. Vinyl deck cover and non marking protector strip around each deck.

Options for Two and Three Tier Trolleys

150mm high mesh sides to prevent product from rolling off. Contact King for other sizes. Also available in stainless steel, aluminium and plastic.

Electric Carts

Available in either flatbed or two tier configuration, these electric carts can carry a 500 kg payload. Electric drive is through the steering tiller, using the butterfly speed controls. Where you prefer the operator to pick and place a load without exerting physical force, the electric cart is the answer. Can be modified to suit your needs, even down to towing other trolleys, etc.

Power Picker

There are three configurations available. Whether your requirement is for towing a line of trolleys, lifting and moving a skid pallet or simply collecting goods on the rear platform, the power picker range with the operator driving the equipment from a standing position is the ideal picking mate for your business.

Powered Pushmate

This large flatbed trolley with the control box on the push handle, is powered along by a powerful electric motor and gearbox driving the front cushioned wheels. General purpose electric vehicle can modified to suit your needs.

Aluminium Folding Leg Flatbed Trolley

MODEL 286: (shown upright and folded) slides straight into the back of your wagon or van. Pull out, and the legs fold down automatically to support the deck at 760mm high. Deck is carpet covered. Deck size 1040 x 560mm. 136kg capacity. Weight 22kg.       MODEL 288: 840 x 640mm deck rolls into your vehicle. The legs fold up separately. Four height settings: 600/640/670 and 700mm. Capacity 136kg. Weight 12kg under carriage, 6.6 kg top.

Stock Picking Trolley with End Ladder

Spring loaded ladder enables stock to be picked from racking and placed on the top deck. The ladder, when down, creates a brake for the trolley. Deck size: 1430 x 550 mm. Deck height: 990 mm Available in 2 and 3 tier versions.

4 Tier Picking Trolley

For all those smaller items coming from your shelving and needing to be collated into one or more orders, possibly separated by each shelf, the 4 Tier Picking Trolley is very adaptable.

Two Tiered Trolley with Lectern

Deck size: 750 x 1200 mm. Height 805 mm. Powder coated.   Model shown in bottom picture: 620 mm x 1070 mm x 915 mm high to top deck.

Stock Picking Trolleys

Single and multi bin types available. Optional clipboard holder.