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Lift Trolleys & Small Stackers

Foot Operated Hydraulic Lift Trolley

150kg Capacity: Deck 700 x 415mm. Low height 210mm. Max. height 740mm. Castors 100mm. Folding handle. 300kg Capacity: Deck 815x500mm. Low height 270mm. Max. height 900mm. Castors 125mm. Folding handle. 350kg Capacity: DOUBLE SCISSOR. Deck 905 x 510mm. Low height 330mm. Max. height 1300mm. Casters 125mm. Available in 12v battery/hydraulic also. 500kg Capacity: Deck 915 x 505mm. Low height 290mm. Max. height 950mm. Castors 150mm. 800kg Capacity: Deck 550 x 1000mm. Low height 380mm. Max. height 1050mm. Castors 150mm. 1000kg Capacity: Deck 550 x 1000mm. Low height 380mm. Max. height 1010mm. Castors 150mm. Powerlift Operated DC 100 & DC 250 The Powerlift is available in double scissor with 100 kg capacity or single scissor with 250 kg capacity. The small battery pack on the handle powers a near silent electric actuator to produce lift. Powder coated finished for durability and smart looks. Most suited to office environments. Table Lifters - Mobile Foot Hydraulic Hi-Lift: 3 heights to choose from: 1100mm (adjustable forks). 1300mm and 1700mm (fixed forks). Table size 640 x 570mm. Complete with slip on deck. Rear castors 150mm diameter, come with brake. Front fixed wheels 50mm diameter. Powder coated frame and chromed uprights. Overall height 1700mm. Also available with 12v battery lift. Low height 90mm. 400kg capacity.     Platform Lift Truck: Pantograph style lift. Foot operated hydraulics. Capacity 300 kilos. Low height 150mm. Maximum lift 1400mm. Deck size 850mm x 550mm. Optional battery power lift.  Lifter & Shift Battery powered hydraulic lift. Lift speed is only 14 seconds for 1500mm lift. Battery charger inbuilt. Controls include Up/Down lever, Em Stop and battery charge indicator. Rear castor wheels 125mm diameter, fitted with brakes, enables lifter to work in confined spaces. 400 kg capacity x 1500 mm lift height. Fixed forks 650mm long x 110mm wide. Slip-on deck 580mm x 660mm. Supplied free with unit. Low height 85mm. Overall height 1680mm. Overall depth 1100mm. Overall width 650mm. Multifit Multilift is a multi-purpose lift truck with many attachments, including forks, platform, crane jib, roll jib, drum grab, etc. Lift is by hand brake winch or optional battery wire rope winch. Mast can be extended and base can be widened, even to suit standard pallets. Maximum capacity 350 Kg.       Econolift Econolift has 80 Kg of capacity, and lifts from 120 mm to 1530 mm (or to 1780 mm special height model). Battery lift with pendant control and safety anti-drop device fitted. Inbuilt battery charger. Platform size 470 mm x 600 mm. Forks optional. Highlite Lifter Frame constructed of aluminium alloy. This lightweight stacker (60 Kg with forks and legs attached) is suitable for tradesmen to carry in their vehicle to take with them on site, in order to raise items such as ducting, air conditioning units, pipework, etc. Lift is by hand brake winch, which holds the load in any position. To lower, simply rotate the handle anti- clockwise. Maximum capacity 180 Kg. Low height 90mm. Maximum height 2500mm. Forks 310mm wide inside and 520mm outside. Fork length 570mm. Rear fixed wheels are 200mm diameter, fitted with central locking brake to both wheels. Forks and legs are fabricated from steel and are easily and quickly removed, to allow the lifter to be flat stacked in a van or ute, taking up a minimum of space. Genie Lift Genie Lift frame is manufactured from aluminium alloy. It is light in weight and easy to manoeuvre. The legs and forks are fabricated in steel. Both are removable for ease of loading into a van or truck for use on site anywhere. With single or multi-stage masts, straddle legs or counterweighted bases, which fit through a standard doorway. The Genie is truly multi-functional. A variety of attachments are available as standard or can be fabricated to suit your needs. The hand brake winch can be single or two-speed, or optional battery wire rope winch. Genie Load Lifter Load lifter has 91 kg capacity, a deck size of  360 mm deep x 430 mm wide. Low height is 50 mm. Maximum lift height is 1700 mm. Lift is by hand brake winch, which holds the load in any position. Useful for raising computers, cartons of paper, small appliances, etc, to a handy working height, or removing product from trucks or utes. Fabricated from aircraft quality lightweight aluminium weighing only 20 kg. The platform folds up, as do the legs, to make the overall collapsed depth only 380 mm. Can be easily stowed into a van ready for use at any time. Master 500kg 500 Kg capacity. Hand pump hydraulic lift with 'no load' quick lift option fitted. Forks 600mm long. Adjustable in width to 655mm(outside). Lifts to 1500mm. Low height 90mm.   Master 1000kg As above, but with 1000 Kg capacity. Forks 800mm long. Width adjustable to 735mm. High Lift Pallet Trucks High Lift Pallet Trucks are suited to skid pallets, cages, crates, indeed anything without base boards. Manual and powered lift versions available, 1000 Kg max. to 800 mm high. 540 mm and 680 mm wide. Ideal for raising work to a comfortable height for the operator. Outriggers prevent the truck from moving, once a height above 200 mm has been reached. Also available in stainless steel for the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries, which allows full wash down as required by law.  Skid Lifters Similar to the High Lift Pallet Truck, but can be wheeled around when in the 'up' position. A rear brake stabilises the load. Available in 500 Kg / 800 Kg / 1000 Kg / 1500 Kg capacities -- manual to powered lift. 540 mm and 685 mm wide. FoldaLift Trolley The FoldaLift Trolley was desgned to raise a load of maximum 130 Kg up to 1050 mm height from a low height of 160 mm using a silent ‘brake’ winch of 2:1 ratio, making raising the load simple and effortless. Lockable castors on the front and 250 mm diameter on the rear enables the trolley to rotate on its own axis, whilst the load is maintained on a level plane. Legs fold up to allow the trolley to be transported to site, where it is used to remove the load then to raise it to bench level if required. X-Tend 80 This versatile lifter has 80 kg capacity. It also has a two stage mast, meaning that when it is fully down, the unit height is only 900 mm and can lift to a maximum height of 1200 mm when fully extended. The deck is 380 mm wide x 300 mm deep. The deck and the legs fold up, thereby taking up a minimum of space when being stowed. Lift is by hand brake winch. Unit weight is only 20 kg.