Our Product range is wide and varied so if there is something that you see that looks close but isn’t quite right let us know via email and provide a picture or a document of the product you are looking for. Please Remember Email us a bona fide written quote from any other materials handling supplier and we will match the quote and better it by $20 AUD  We offer the best in quality, service and price, why would you chose another supplier.  
Smart materials handling products to assist your employees with their everyday operations minimising risk and injuries increasing performance.
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Machinery Rollers

Machinery Rollers in reinforced nylon with precision bearings. One, two & four wheeled versions to 4 tonne capacity each roller. Available with swivel tops and pull handles.  

Lift ‘n Roll

For long, heavy, awkward crates or machines. Lift n' Roll raises the load off the floor -- one each end -- allowing the load to move easily. Ratchet and strap enables load and both lifters to be secured together (optional).

Mezzanine Floor Gate

The Up and Over Barrier Mezzanine Floor Gate is a simple system which, when one side is open, the other side is closed. The forklift loads a pallet of goods onto the mezzanine floor, with the front gate open and the personnel gate closed. The operator retrieves the load on the mezzanine floor by raising the personnel gate, which automatically closes the fork loading gate. Supplied in safety yellow, in kit form. Installation is simple, with a gas strut assist fitted to the fork entry gate, making the opening and closing effort weight neutral.

Machinery Toe Jack

Machinery Jack. Low profile. Only requires 25mm to lift machine 150mm off the floor. Capacities 5 and 10 tonne. Can be used for raising to a height where machine rollers can be placed under equipment for moving purposes.

Roll Out Pallet Access for Racking

Solving an age-old problem of accessing product at the rear of pallets at floor level between racking uprights. Place the pallet onto the deck. Remove product from the front as is currently the case. When access to the rear of the pallet is required, simply pull out the pallet which is now on rollers. The telescoping frame, which is bolted to the floor, ensures the pallet rolls in a straight line. When finished, simply push the pallet back under the racking with your foot.

Smart Waiter

The Smart Waiter is a modular dumb waiter with a Uni degree. It can carry up to 100kg in a cabinet sized up to 700mm x 700mm x 900mm high. It is supplied as a kit with all of the componentry: the cabinet, the roller shutter door two push-button call stations. Lift is by chain hoist at a speed of 10 M/min. Supply can be single or 3-phase.

Furniture Moving Dolleys (Piano)

STANDARD (smaller truck): Length 760mm. Width 380mm. Height 270mm. 250 Kg capacity. Available with 8" solid or pneumatic wheels. HEAVY DUTY (larger truck): Length 800mm. Width 500mm. Height 310mm. 400 Kg capacity. Available with 10" solid or pnuematic wheels.