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Smart materials handling products to assist your employees with their everyday operations minimising risk and injuries increasing performance.
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Pallet Dispenser. Air and Hydraulic

15, 20 and 25 pallet models available. Simple lever or two button operation. Loaded from the front with a hand or powered pallet truck or forklift, it dispenses a single pallet onto the floor or a powered conveyor. The pallets can also be dispensed to the rear, left or right. Shop air, inbuilt 240 V compressor or hydraulic power pack operation. 15 pallet base unit houses all control, lift and lower functions. A 5 or 10 pallet chute is added to increase the storage capacity. Chutes are shipped in knockdown form inside the base unit, in order to reduce freight costs. The dispenser base unit can be shipped in a standard container. Pallets that differ in size from the Australian standard can also be catered for. The shipping bar shown at the front top of the blue dispenser is used to lift and locate the dispenser. It is stored at the rear when not required.


Allows a load to be taken from vertical to horizontal. Can also be used to upend steel coils or rolls of paper, etc.

Pallet / Load Inverters

Will rotate a load 180 degrees in order to swap a wooden or in-house pallet for a plastic/stainless/aluminium pallet, and vice versa. Many models to choose from. Two clamps move the load to a central position before rotation occurs. Load sensors ensure the product is contained but never crushed. Soft start and stop on the rotation cycle ensures this inverter has a long life and the product is treated with respect. The King Pallet Inverters are the first choice for a leading group of companies who want the best inverter available today. These companies include Ego Pharmaceuticals, Commonwealth Government, Sugar Australia and Fonterra. Being fully electro-mechanical in operation means that there is no hydraulic function to consider. No leaks, no repairs, less maintenance. The pictures on the right show various installations, and although the pallet inverter is the common denominator, the level of protection for the operators can be varied according to your risk assessments.
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