Our Product range is wide and varied so if there is something that you see that looks close but isn’t quite right let us know via email and provide a picture or a document of the product you are looking for. Please Remember Email us a bona fide written quote from any other materials handling supplier and we will match the quote and better it by $20 AUD  We offer the best in quality, service and price, why would you chose another supplier.  
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Powered Turntable

Turntable does the work, whilst the operator holds the film dispenser and tensions the film. 1200mm diameter chequer plate deck, powder coated in Safety Orange. 280mm high. Base has inbuilt fork and hand pallet truck sleeves for ease of re-location or stowage. 240v foot pedal control.

Bolt-on Mast

For the above Powered Turntable. Wraps to two metres high, using a hand 'brake' winch to raise the film carriage.

Easy Wrapper

High profile, with large 1400mm diameter chequer plate deck. Base is galvanized and incorporates fork tyne sleeves for ease of relocating. Film carriage is counterweighted. Wrap height to 2120mm. Foot pedal control.


Low profile (26mm high) turntable with ramp all around for ease of loading/unloading with a hand pallet truck. Counterweighted film carriage. Wrap height 1950mm. Foot pedal control.

Semi Automatic Options for Easy and Lo Wrappers

Electronic push-pad fitted to mast, allows film carriage to raise and lower under power. Select: number of wraps top & bottom; pause at top; return to start and stop buttons - allows operator to perform other tasks whilst machine wraps the load.

Fully Automatic and Pre-Stretch Applications

Advise your King representative, as we will need to know: Product/pallet height, sizes and weights Throughput per hour/day The level of automation required How load is fed into the system - conveyor, fork, etc If load is light/fragile/unstable/irregularly shaped If protection is required for the top of the load

Stretch Film and Packaging

King supply a broad range of 5 layer cast stretch wrap film which is ultra tough, extremely clear (ideal to view product information through), with low noise during transfer. Film is available for hand dispenser use and for all stretch wrap machine types in both clear and security black. Top covers in clear and black also. Hand film dispensers, packaging tape, poly strapping, strapping crimper and tensioner tools also available.


Spinny is another semi-automatic option that may be worth considering.

Robot Wrapper

Robot has an advantage over fixed stretch wrappers in as much as the wrapper goes to the pallet wherever it may be. Suited to any size pallet larger than 600 mm square. Once the parameters on the electronic push pad are set, a push of the button sets Robot on its way around the pallet, wrapping as it goes. Robot needs 1150 mm clearance space all around the pallet in which to work. A light touch bumper bar halts Robot instantly upon impact. Maximum wrap height is 2400 mm. Number of wraps top and bottom can be dialled up, and there are four programmable wrap memories available also. Speed of rotation, wrap overlap, film force to load and powered pre-stretch up to 200%, are all standard functions. Extra features, adjustable from the control panel, include: photocell height sensing delay; start height option; stop at top function (for the placement of a top cover, which will be wrapped to the load after the button is pressed to resume the down cycle).

Stretch Wrapper

Pallet Leveller Stretch Wrapper

The combination comprises a Turntable Pallet Leveller which has a motorised drive under the turntable. The Pallet Leveller works just as a standard turntable when the the wrapper is disconnected, so the operator can get to all sides if required. The benefit of this unit is that you can load at a predetermined height at all times, then simply slide the wrapper into the unit to finish the job by wrapping the load. The wrapper is plugged into a 240V supply, and can wrap the load up to 1800 mm in height.