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Telemetry Load Sensing Shackles

An amazing weighing device! Simply place the shackle onto any hook, then hang your load from the shackle pin and the exact weight of the load will be shown on your portable wireless receiver. Five models to choose from. 3tonne. 6.5t. 8.5t. 13.5t and 17t. Inbuilt safety factor of 5:1. Desktop radio receiver c/w printer also available. Receiver battery life 100 working hours. Battery status displayed on receiver. Accuracy +/- 1%. Working range up to 50m.

Weighsafe. Forklift Onboard Weighing System

Low cost highly reliable weighing system for forklift trucks which fits directly into your existing hydraulic hose system, with load weights shown on an large number screen display. Facilities for tare and load accumulation along with a printer option available. No numbers are shown until the driver punches the button, so there is no confusing lead up information - just the correct weight - up to 97% accuracy. No alterations are required to your forklift truck. Just a simple kit which can be installed within two hours including calibration with test weights by our Engineer. This system is not Trade Approved for retail sales accuracy.

Pallet Platform Scale

Pallet sized platform weighs loads up to 3 tonnes with 3 kg accuracy. Readout is on LED load indicator which can be wall or pedestal mounted. Provision for tare, accumulation and printing available. Also available as intrinsically safe system for use in hazardous areas

Benchtop Scale

Stainless steel deck. Size 550 mm square. Available in 30 kg, 60 kg and 150 kg capacities. LED readout available as column or wall mounted. Models available for trade approved, counting, intrinsically safe, etc.

Pallet Truck with Weigh Scale

The scale is fitted to a low profile pallet truck to enable the fork height of the scale model to be similar (approx. 90 mm). Max. height approx. 175 mm. Scale is either in 1 Kg or 2 Kg increments and is not trade approved. Internal battery with optional external charger and optional printer available.